While 5G has spread in many areas pf the world and 6G is on its way to come out of the labs, 4G LTE hasn't been implemented in many areas of the Middle East yet. HCDT provides telecom and internet service providers with LTE mobile technology. 

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4G LTE in the Middle East

4G came after 3G and 2G and brought customers with more speed and reliability. 4G LTE is an industry jargon describing the 4G version with the highest speed. With 4G LTE you can download emails in less than 1s, a webpage in about 1s, an e-book in 4s, and an mp3 file in 7s. In brief, it presents an experience similar to the home broadband.

4G LTE is still on its way to become common in the Middle East. HCDT provides telecom and internet service providers in the Middle East with end-to-end LTE solutions. Please feel free to contact us if your business wants to add LTE to its networks to become more strong and reliable.

4G LTE use cases includes:

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Remote Education

Reliable internet connection is a vital part of remote education and training, so that no students would fall behind.

Different students with different devices would have different experience of remote education, some good and some bad. Private LTE is a solution to this problem. This would make mobile broadband dedicated to a remote class as reliable as a private Wi-Fi connection.  

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Telehealth Services

Telehealth is conducting health-related services and information through internet or telecom services. It includes a wide range of use cases such as two clinicians discussing via video conference, surgery conducted by robots, and physical therapy through monitoring instruments.

Anywhere public or individual health is involved, the issue gains importance and there should be reliability and speed. 4G LTE can provide these in mobile networks.

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Advanced Mobile Gaming Services

4G LTE can bring you with a smooth online gaming experience. It provides you with a speedy internet connection needed for an interesting online gaming experience.

You can use a 4G hotspot to enjoy full features of online games, and use it as it is a local WiFi connection.