Voice Service

Providing the reach A-Z premium services and efficiencies that maximize your voice profitability

We offer flexible interconnection models to fit your business requirements.

Whether you are a Mobile Network Operator, an Enterprise, or a Wholesale Carrier, we offer a broad range of ways to interconnect with us.

From IPX to MPLS to IP and even TDM, each of our interconnects meets diverse quality, security, flexibility and budgetary requirements for your unique business needs.  

  • Voice over IP

    Our IP interconnect is available in three different options, and includes both public and private connectivity:

    • VoIP Link IP Port (Private)

      Provides a private IP connection from your router to ours, bypassing the public Internet and ensuring a  high level of IP quality.

    • VoIP Link IPsec  (Public)

      Interconnects via a Public IP connection, but one that uses an IPsec tunnel to encrypt signaling, providing a high level of security.

    • VoIP Link Public

      Uses a traditional public VoIP based interconnect, eliminating the need for any physical connection or circuit.

  • Voice over TDM

    We also enable you to interconnect via TDM which provides support for voice services solely and requires a local loop or cross connect.