Extending coverage on Rural areas, roads & cities

    The per-site revenue in rural areas are lower due to lower incomes and more disperse population, while the cost of running the sites is higher primarily due to the need to run diesel on off-grid sites in these areas. Lowering network operating costs is essential to achieving the goal of universal coverage. Even if the network equipment and installation were completely free, this would not result in greater rural developing market coverage, since that network would still lose money every day that it is in operation.
    HCDT addresses the problem by combining innovative technology with an innovative business model.

      HCDT Radio Solution

      (Hardware Included)

      Hardware Solution for each site:

      • Multi-band/Multi-spectrum Antennas (3 sectors)

      • 5G  Radio and antenna: AAU 

      • 3G Radio RRU 

      • LTE Radio RRU

      • Baseband Unit, latest outdoor/indoor releases

      • RET switch accessories

      • CPRI/OBSAI Patch cords

      • Optical interfaces (CPRI & Transmission)

      • Outdoor Cabinets, Rectifiers, Batteries (optional)

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      HCDT Radio Solution

      (Software Included)

      • Basic 5G/LTE functionalities per radio unit

      • Basic GSM-WCDMA functionalities per radio unit

      • Single Carrier (5,10,15 or 20 MHz) per Band

      • Max power per cell (~80watt)

      • Full Capacity Active UE (no lic, up to 1200 per cell)-LTE

      • Full Capacity Cell Bandwidth (no lic, up to 150Mbps)-LTE

      • Mobility support, S1 handover, 

      • X2 interface activation no license limitation-LTE

      • Up to 64 QAM uplink/downlink

      • Latest  software release

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