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Remote Sim Provisioning (RSP) solution  

HCDT provides secure removable or embedded SIMs and remote provisioning solutions for consumers and businesses for M2M and IoT devices. This is a proposal to enable client operator to offer network connectivity to the rapidly growing number of consumers e-SIM devices. It describes a simple phased-approach to get e-SIM devices connected to your network in a matter of days without impacting your current business processes.  

HCDT Consumer RSP Solution

HCDT offers a GSMA SAS-SM accredited remote SIM provisioning (RSP) solution that will allow you to provision consumer devices on your network with a fully inter operable and future-proof solution. Our solution works for all consumer devices with GSMA-compliant eSIMs including the new iPhone XS/XR and Apple Watch.  


Deploy your eSIM solution with HCDT

eSIM or embedded SIM is the latest advancement in connectivity and mobile technology. It uses a smart built-in chip (eUICC) within your smartphone to do away with the hassle that comes with the traditional SIM. What’s more, with no physical SIM card, switching over to HCDT has never been easier!

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