HCDT Fiber to the X

  FTTx Network connects the subscribers (residential or enterprise customers) to a specific service provider and, through the carrier network, to other networks such as the internet. Wired access networks generally utilize Ethernet, DOCSIS, xDSL, G.fast, xPON, and P2P technologies. A typical access network topology includes an OLT, a DSLAM or a CMTS at the CO (or RT), an ONT, a xDSL or a DOCSIS modem at the customer premise.

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XG-99 series are designed as XGS PON ONU, using XGS PON technology.


XE-99 series are designed as 10G EPON ONU, using 10G EPON technology.


G-97C / G-97X / G-97V series are designed for the fiber to the home applications.


G-97RG series are designed with integrated enhanced gateway function.

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